Want to help an adult build a better life? You can when you become a volunteer tutor in our GED® Study Group.

Eighteen hours of training and a background check are required.

About the Study Group

Our GED® study group meets on Friday mornings from 10:30am to 12:30pm. We provide individualized diagnostic testing for adults to determine the content they need to review and learn at their own pace with our help.

The GED® study group is free and open to the public. Official GED® testing is not offered at the Pav YMCA.

Participants in our study group may take the official GED® Ready Practice Test once their initial workbooks have been completed. The practice test is administered at no charge and gives a real estimate of how they would score on each subject of the official GED® test.

There is no registration for this drop-in group; adult learners may start anytime. It is possible to attend as schedules permit. We try to offer a format that is flexible and different from what our local community colleges offer. Learners may attend our study group in addition to formal classes of their choice.

Volunteer Expectations

We welcome volunteer tutors who are willing to complete 18 hours of pre-service training with Literacy Volunteers of Western Cook County and a Pav YMCA background check.

Once approved, volunteers may tutor on Wednesdays, or Fridays, or both days. For the sake of reliability, we ask you to keep the same schedule every week.

At the group, you will help new learners get oriented to how the group works, facilitate diagnostic tests, place learners in the appropriate workbook level, and help learners when they are stuck. If you would like to brush up on your skills and/or take the diagnostic tests yourself before tutoring, please fill out the contact form below to let us know.

Adult Learner Expectations

To obtain high school equivalency, all four parts of the 2014 GED® test battery must be passed with a score of 145 or higher, in addition to passing the Illinois constitution test. The four subjects of the new computer-based GED® test are Mathematics, Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA), Science, and Social Studies. To pass the Mathematics test, a test-taker must know basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, and should be able to apply these skills to answer complex multi-step problems. Test-takers must be able to write extended response passages that demonstrate the ability to organize ideas, use facts and figures to support an argument, and be persuasive. Extended responses are required for Science and RLA.

Questions? Contact Esther Chase at echase@pavymca.org or 708.749.0606 ext. 342.

Volunteer Application