Have your best summer ever! Camp registration opens 3/6/17; camp dates are 6/5/17 to 8/18/17.


We’re working hard to make this your child’s BEST SUMMER EVER.

Camp fills up quickly, so be sure to stop in early and register at our front desk.

Download our Camp Guide

Please note: if you will be applying for financial assistance, please be sure to contact the director for your child’s age(s) as soon as possible. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify on a first-come-first-served basis.


Contact Suzanne for ages 3-Kindergarten in fall, 708.749.0606 x328, sblecha@pavymca.org

Contact Stephanie or Sabina for 1st-6th grade in fall, 708.749.0606 x334 or x321, srobinson@pavymca.org, or sgarcia@pavymca.org

Contact Katie for 7th-10 grade in fall, 708.749.0606 x319, ctrendel@pavymca.org