Membership Options During COVID-19 Situation
As you know, on March 17th the Pav YMCA suspended all services and temporarily closed the facility to do our part and help flatten the COVID-19 curve.
Please realize that our decision was not easy, but it was the most socially responsible one to make. We prefer our doors could remain open for you so that
you could enjoy the Y as you normally would, but that is not our reality. This is why we need your help. As we navigate through this together, we ask that
you retain your membership and stay with us.

If you need to change your membership status while we are temporarily closed, we understand. Find resources below to get started.

FOR OUR MEMBERS (Update 5/1/2020)
If you are unsure on how to move forward with your membership or want to
help the Pav YMCA serve the community during this trying time, please click
here to read more on how to do so. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact JR Anderson,
Membership Director, at