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Join us at our annual fundraiser to honor Youth Crossroads


Triathlon Format will include timed lap swim, timed transition, timed stationary bike ride, timed transition and finally a timed treadmill run. *No registration refunds or transfers. Registration Open: 1/27/20 Triathlon Date: May 3rd, 2020 Triathlon Start Time: 7:00am Triathlon Cost:...


Begins at 11:00am and is $5/person. Participants must register one week in advance to secure space. Please call Kathy Kozlick to register.


We have partnered with the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) to provide Choice Markets for seniors. Choice Markets are similar to farmer’s markets; however, at Choice markets, seniors age 60+ get free nutritious whole foods and fresh produce. A driver’s...
For Thanksgiving my family, two foster children and their parents were able to join together for a dinner at the Pav Y. Helping these children and their parents come together with the support of the Y made a big difference.
Lourdes Daza, Parent of Child Care Participants
I've been a member of the Y for as about as long as the Pav YMCA has been around. When my father died, I needed extra support to be active and social. The Y was there for me...
Joseph Bartosz, Berwyn Resident